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SAP PM - Plant Maintenance is a functional module which handles the keeping up of equipment's and Enables successful planning of creation and generation schedules and offers interfaces to process control and SCADA framework. The R/3 Plant Maintenance application part gives you a broad software solution for all maintenance exercises that are performed by an association. Support cost-efficient maintenance technique, for instance, risk-based maintenance or preventive maintenance, and gives blackout planning and competent work order management.

Key Functions of Plant Maintenance

Following activities are performed under Plant Maintenance:


The Inspection is done to check the real state of a technical system.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is utilized to maintain the high accessibility of the technical system. It incorporates maintenance planning and works planning exercises for specialized items.


Repair includes all measures that can be performed to reestablish the perfect condition. Repair process can be performed at numerous planning stages - like work schedule, introductory costing, resource planning, and so on. You can react quickly w.r.t to harm occasions causing creation shutdown. You can make a required buy demand and handled work requests to diminish the downtime.

SAP PM − Functions of Technical Objects

You can perform distinctive functions on the equipment master record and functional location.

Data Transfer

It is conceivable to transfer master data from one functional area to other functional area or between the Single-cycle area and the piece of equipment.
Utilizing data transfer function, you can keep up data at a superior level in the progressive structure or you can likewise keep up data for objects allocated to functional areas.
You can isolate data transfer into the accompanying kinds:

Hierarchical Data Transfer

In the hierarchical structure, you can keep up data at a high level and the system will automatically transfer the progressions to the level below.

Horizontal Data Transfer

Utilizing the horizontal data transfer, you can transfer data from the reference area to the functional area or from the functional area to a piece of equipment.
You can utilize reference functional location to transfer particular information to the relating functional areas or to a piece of equipment.
When you make a functional location, the following rules can be applied to data transfer:
• You can refer to a functional location, utilizing which you can keep up data utilizing data transfer in an assigned master record.
• When you utilize another location as duplicate, the system also duplicates reference functional location.


SAP R/3 PM Maintenance Planning

• With the assistance of the maintenance planning, you can portray the appointments and the degree of every single periodical measure, e.g., maintenance and inspection operations, at technical objects (TP, EQ).
• With maintenance plans depends on the time the measure is conveyed in specific cycles, e.g., each of the two months, every one of the half year, and so forth.
• By the counter-steered maintenance planning, you can plan your maintenance on the base of estimation records. Likewise measuring points must be made in connection with technical objects (TP, EQ) and frequently measurements documents must be stored in SAP
• By the making of maintenance plans, you should give a maintenance plan type which makes sense of which maintenance call protest makes the system with a due maintenance call.


SAP R/3 PM Elements of Maintenance Planning

• A support position depicts which preventive maintenance activities should to occur in a technical object or in a gathering of the technical object at general intervals.
• The maintenance plan contains planning data from the accompanying springs:
o from the maintenance methodology which is allocated to the maintenance plan.
o with single cycle plans from the maintenance cycles
o with different counter plans from the maintenance cycles
o from the scheduling information, particularly for this maintenance plan
• There are three distinctive maintenance plan writes which allow it to you the maintenance planning for your necessities.
o multiple counter plans
o Strategy plan
o Single cycle plan 

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